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Our Core business is construction and is based on experience gained on previous projects:


  • New buildings construction,
  • Building repairs and renovations,
  • Building maintenance,
  • Civil construction.
  • Construction management.
  • Tilling
  • Welding
  • Electrical
  • Swimming pools
  • Painting
  • Road signs and markings
Landscaping & Garden Service

In our pursuit of perfection, our tradition is, each garden is an exquisite masterpiece, an expression of excellence, combining simplicity, functionality and superb beauty.

Our designs achieve harmony between the garden and architecture, seamlessly combining indoor and outdoor spaces.

Garden Service:
Our regular garden maintenance service includes:

  • Mowing of lawn and trimming of edges
  • Weeding and turning of flower beds,
  • Ranking and sweeping of necessary areas,
  • Removal of refuse related to the service,
  • Dead heading all flowers and lopping dead leaves,
  • Trimming and cutting of hedges and shrubs
Our seasonal garden maintenance includes:
  • Selected planting of plants,
  • Pruning of roses and fruit trees,
  • Scarifying of lawns,
Our optional garden maintenance includes:
  • Planting winter and summer colour seedling,
  • Lawn fertiliser and lawn dressing,
  • Plant fertiliser and compost,
  • Pest treatment,
  • Broad leaf and weed control
Irrigation Installation & Repair:
  • We provide professionally designed irrigation systems.
  • We specialise in both fully automated and manual irrigation systems.
Both tree felling and garden clean-ups form part of our service offering. We have specialist team that will fell or prune trees to your requirements effortlessly and speedily.

Supply & Distribution:

You name it, we get it for you…hereunder is some of the essentials we supply.

  • Stationery,
  • Clothing,
  • Office Furniture & Equipment,
  • IT Peripherals,
  • Cleaning Equipments & Detergents etc.